Natalie Grey, Michael Anderle – Protector

Barnabas has destroyed the Committees research facility, but his victory came at a cost: his friend Jeltor remains captive and brainwashed. He isnt going to stand for that. He is going to find and rescue his friend, no matter what it takes. But what will he do when he has to decide between saving his friend and saving an entire planet?

The Committee has set its sights on the Brakalon home world, and it intends to convert every single citizen to serve as their new army. And with two of the Jotun admirals on their side, is it too late to stop them?

Author: Natalie Grey, Michael Anderle
Narrator: Chris Andrew Ciulla
Duration: 7 hours 28 minutes
Released: 20 Nov 2002
Publisher: Dreamscape Media, LLC
Language: English

User Review:

wheat registered

I had never read anything by this author before, so I was a wee bit skeptical. In the end I was rewarded with a fun book, albeit a wee bit formulaic, that had me laughing out loud and fully engaged throughout. The main character is a fully-developed female officer and she didn’t fit the stereotypical female sci-fi character. She was strong and capable and intelligent. Definitely a great listen! I’m going to scour this site for more books by this author.