New Scientist – This Book Will Blow Your Mind

What’s the nature of reality? Does the universe ever end? What is time, and does it even exist? These are the biggest imagination-stretching, brain-staggering questions in the universe – and here are their fascinating answers.

From quantum weirdness to freaky cosmology (like white holes – which spew out matter instead of sucking it in), This Book Will Blow Your Mind takes you on an epic journey to the furthest extremes of science, to the things you never thought possible. This book will explain:

Why part of the universe is missing (and how scientists finally found it)

How time might also flow backwards

How human head transplants might be possible (in the very near future)

Whether the universe is a hologram

And why we are all zombies

Filled with counterintuitive stories and factoids you can’t wait to share as well as lots of did-you-knows and plenty of how-did-we-ever-not-knows, this will blow your mind – and then put it back together again.

You don’t need a spaceship to travel to the extremes of science. You just need this audiobook.

Author: New Scientist
Narrator: David Thorpe
Duration: 11 hours 12 minutes
Released: 18 Apr 2010
Publisher: John Murray
Language: English

User Review:

ratification anxious

I just want my 1 credit back. The only thing that blew my mind about this book, was the fact that I spent my one monthly credit on it.