Orson Bean – Me and the Orgone

After spending 10 years and thousands of dollars for psychoanalysis, actor Orson Bean was divorced, depressed, and dissatisfied with life. Then he discovered medical orgone therapy, a unique method of treatment developed by Wilhelm Reich, M.D. This therapy is centered on the concept that sexual feelings must be integrated with tender feelings of love for an individual in order to achieve complete sexual satisfaction. One must be free of emotional and physical blocks in order to experience such feelings.

Here is the candid, deeply personal story of Orson’s experience with orgone therapy and how it triggered his own sexual revolution. Almost immediately, he realized that something unusual and quite miraculous was happening. Orgone therapy transformed his sexual response, his relationships, and his entire life, bringing him a “second chance” at the best life has to offer.

Author: Orson Bean
Narrator: Orson Bean
Duration: 2 hours 49 minutes
Released: 9 Feb 2012
Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
Language: English

User Review:

dissent cute

OK. So now I understand the essence of the teachings of William Reich and orgone therapy. Thank you, Mr. Bean.