Oscar Wilde – The Importance of Being Earnest (Dramatized)

This final play from the pen of Oscar Wilde is a stylish send-up of Victorian courtship and manners, complete with assumed names, mistaken lovers, and a lost handbag. Jack and Algernon are best friends, both wooing ladies who think their names are Ernest, “that name which inspires absolute confidence”. Wilde’s effervescent wit, scathing social satire, and high farce make this one of the most cherished plays in the English language.

Includes an interview with director Michael Hackett, professor of Theater in the School of Theater, Film and Television at UCLA.

An L.A. Theatre Works full cast performance featuring:

James Marsters as Jack

Charles Busch as Lady Bracknell

Emily Bergl as Cecily

Neil Dickson as Lane and Merriman

Jill Gascoine as Miss Prism

Christopher Neame as Chasuble

Matthew Wolf as Algernon

Sarah Zimmerman as Gwendolen

Directed by Michael Hackett. Recorded before a live audience at the Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles.

Author: Oscar Wilde
Narrator: James Marsters, Charles Busch, Emily Bergl, Neil Dickson, Jill Gascoine, Christopher Neame, Matthew Wolf
Duration: 1 hr and 58 minutes
Released: 9 Dec 2011
Publisher: L.A. Theatre Works
Language: English

User Review:

rental suffering

I was actually unsure whether to buy this or not, as I was worried that, being recorded at a real theatrical performance, the lack of any kind of description of the scenes and actions would make it difficult to follow, and consequently render it less enjoyable.
I had no reason to worry. The quality of the sound is very good, and the actors are really great, so you can recognize the different characters with no problem. And fortunately the conversations alone let you easily understand where the action is taking place and what is happening.
As for the rest, there is very little to say:
I won’t even try to review the story, it’s just too great (and witty, and silly, and funny, and brilliant, and a lot of other similar adjectives) for words.
The quality of the sound is very good.
The actors impersonate the various characters perfectly, and hearing this play actually acted out is infinitely better than just reading it (after all, this is the way it was meant to be enjoyed). I already knew the story well (it’s one of my favorite books) but hearing it this way still made me laugh out loud!!!