Paul Magrs – Doctor Who: The Winged Coven

A brand-new original adventure for the Fourth Doctor, Mrs Wibbsey and Mike Yates.

When the Doctor returns to Hexford he discovers strange things afoot in the village woods, including the dessicated remains of some of the locals. Its down to him and Mrs Wibbsey to investigate….

This new adventure is set after the events of The Nest Cottage Chronicles and The Thing from the Sea.

Author: Paul Magrs
Narrator: Susan Jameson
Duration: 1 hr and 17 minutes
Released: 19 Apr 2004
Publisher: BBC Digital Audio
Language: English

User Review:

overtime flat

Back in “Demon Quest”, the second chapter in the Nest Cottage Chronicles, Mrs Wibbsey accidentally sold parts of the Tardis – some rather important parts – at a local swap meet. After the problems that caused, one would think she’d know to leave The Doctor’s toys down in the basement where they belong. I’d like to avoid too many spoilers, but for a general description of the plot for “The Winged Coven”: The Doctor shouldn’t be leaving advanced technology lying about where the villagers can get hold of it, as this might lead to complications like the odd hostile alien invasion or two. Additionally, anything with the properties of mind control (or mind transference) should be kept under lock-and-key and not left over at Mike Yates’ house.

“The Winged Coven” is narrated by Susan Jameson, who plays the role of Mrs Wibbsey. As of April 2019 this is the latest release in the “Nest Cottage” series of stories. The original 2009-2011 releases were “Hornet’s Nest”, “Demon Quest”, and “Serpent Crest” (collected in The Nest Cottage Chronicles) and the first sequel “The Thing From the Sea” was released in March 2018. This title is about an hour and fifteen minutes (ish) and is certainly worth the purchase. I would suggest listening to the “Nest Cottage” stories first to be familiar with the characters and backstory, such as how Mrs Wibbsey has been taken over/possessed so many times that by now she’s immune to that sort of thing..