Paul Murdin – The Secret Lives of the Planets

An inside guide by astronomer Paul Murdin revealing everything you need to know about the planets, their satellites and our place in the solar system.

We have the impression that the solar system is perfectly regular like a clock or a planetarium instrument. On a short time scale it is. But seen in a longer perspective, the planets and their satellites have exciting lives, full of events – for example, did you know that Saturn’s moon, Titan, boasts lakes which contain liquid methane surrounded by soaring hills and valleys, exactly as the earth did before life evolved on our fragile planet? Or that Mercury is the shyest planet? Or that Mars’ biggest volcano is 100 times the size of Earth’s, or that its biggest canyon is 10 times the depth of the Grand Canyon, or that it wasn’t always red but blue?

The culmination of a lifetime of astronomy and wonder, Paul Murdin’s enchanting new book reveals everything you ever wanted to know about the planets, their satellites, and our place in the solar system.

Author: Paul Murdin
Narrator: Philip Bird
Duration: 6 hours 38 minutes
Released: 19 Nov 2007
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Language: English

User Review:

employee seven-year

where to begin? .. in short, brain numbingly boring, an insult to intelligence, and a bunch of other meaningless hocus pocus that is only interesting if you were dropped on your head at a very early age. it was a (terrible, if well meant gift) or I’d return it with the exuberance of a7 year old on a trampoline. spare yourself… pass this one up in lieu of … well anything… It’s an utter waste of brain time and a broken toe is likely less painful to endure.