Pete Bruen – Blink-182: A Rockview Audiobiog

Punk trio Blink-182 was formed in Chula Vista, California, near San Diego, around vocalist/guitarist Tom Delonge, bassist Mark Hoppus, and drummer Scott Raynor, who subsequently left the band and was replaced by Travis Barker.

Whether you consider them crass, obnoxious, foul-mouthed, or juvenile, one thing is obvious: Blink-182 are market savvy.

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In this exclusive audiobiog, the band talk candidly about their image, the fans, and how they have crafted an art in manipulating corporate sponsorship. When the band isnt naked, they’re adorning billboards advertising sneakers or sunglasses. Blink-182 are spokesmen for everything gross; they’re awesome, sensational, and leading the revolution. A great audiobiog for the fan, music historian and music collector.

Author: Pete Bruen
Narrator: Rockview
Duration: 31 minutes
Released: 10 Aug 2007
Publisher: Rockview
Language: English

User Review:

ballad tame

it’s old. like….2003-04 old. You are warned. The guy only interviews Tom. it’s hard to hear everything said by Tom.