Peter L. Bernstein – The Power of Gold

Peter L. Bernstein tells the story of history’s most coveted, celebrated, and inglorious asset: gold. From the ancient fascinations of Moses and Midas through the modern convulsions caused by the gold standard and its aftermath, gold has led many of its most eager and proud possessors to a bad end. Gold had them, rather than the other way around. And while the same cycle of obsession and desperation may reverberate in today’s fast-moving electronically-driven stock markets, the role of gold in shaping human history is the striking feature of this tumultuous tale.

This fascinating account begins with the magical, religious, and artistic qualities of gold and progresses to the invention of coinage, the transformation of gold into money, and the gold standard. The more important gold becomes as money, the more loudly it speaks of power. Ultimately, Bernstein confronts the future of gold in a world where it appears to have been relegated to the periphery of global finance.

Far more than a tale of romantic myths, daring explorations, and the history of money and power struggles, The Power of Gold suggests that the true significance of this infamous element may lie in the timeless passions it continues to evoke, and what this reveals about ourselves.

Author: Peter L. Bernstein
Narrator: Eric Conger
Duration: 5 hours 59 minutes
Released: 1 Feb 2003
Publisher: Random House AudioBooks
Language: English

User Review:

withholding steaming

Even though I’ve not studied economics I really enjoyed listening to this audiobook. Extremely informative, with lots of very interesting historical anecdotes, along with very easy to understand explanations: from the workings of the old Gold standard to how gold has under-pinned the financial systems of the world throughout history.