Peter Tonkin – Ice Station

Late summer in the Siberian Sea. Richard Mariner stands in the main control centre of Ice Station Zemlya, Russias massive new floating nuclear facility. As enormous seagoing tugs fight to position the ungainly monster, Richard is all too aware of dangerous perhaps deadly undercurrents. The multinational team helping the Russians to set up Zemlya are riven with disagreement, and there has been a relentless series of apparent accidents. But soon the whole situation begins to rapidly disintegrate. As a huge ice storm whirls towards the platform and threatens to cast the station adrift in American waters, Richard comes to the devastating realisation that someone is hell-bent on bringing about a nuclear catastrophe.
Author: Peter Tonkin
Narrator: Michael Tudor Barnes
Duration: 9 hours 19 minutes
Released: 11 Jan 2011
Publisher: Soundings
Language: English

User Review:

prevention snowy

After purchasing three hundred plus books from audible this is my first unquestionable regret. Combining a great author with an unintelligible narrator is a waste of time and money!