Peter Ward – The Consequential Frontier

This in-depth work of reportage dares to ask whats at stake in privatizing outer space.

Earth is in trouble – so dramatically that were now scrambling to explore space for valuable resources and a home for permanent colonization. With the era of NASAs dominance now behind us, the private sector is winning this new space race. But if humans and their private wealth have made such a mess of Earth, who can say we wont do the same in space?

In The Consequential Frontier, business and technology journalist Peter Ward is raising this vital question before its too late. Interviewing tech CEOs, inventors, scientists, lobbyists, politicians, and future civilian astronauts, Ward sheds light on a whole industry beyond headline-grabbing rocket billionaires like Bezos and Musk and introduces the new generation of activists trying to keep it from rushing recklessly into the cosmos.

With optimism for what humans might accomplish in space if we could leave our tendency toward deregulation, inequality, and environmental destruction behind, Ward shows just how much cooperation it will take to protect our universal resource and how beneficial it could be for all of us.

Author: Peter Ward
Narrator: Gary Galonek
Duration: 7 hours 14 minutes
Released: 19 Dec 2011
Publisher: Blackstone Publishing
Language: English

User Review:

mint three-week

The book: This is a fairly decent state of the industry book that unfortunately waits until the conclusion to actually dive into its main topic of the long term effects of capitalism on expansion and settlement of space

The performance: this guy speaks not only in a slow, extremely stilted manner that requires the listener to play the book on a faster speed just to hear something approaching natural speech (and Im southern so yeah, its slooooooow) but puts on the weirdest voices when giving actual quotes. He makes Elon Musk sound like a cross between Dracula and Steve Martins Wild and crazy guy. Extremely frustrating to listen to.

Bottom line: just buy the actual book unless you absolutely have to have your hands free

I rated 4 stars because I dont believe the author should suffer just because he got a bad narrator.