Phil Keith, Tom Clavin – All Blood Runs Red

The incredible story of the first African-American military pilot, who went on to become a Paris nightclub impresario, a spy in the French Resistance and an American civil rights pioneer

Eugene Bullard lived one of the most fascinating lives of the 20th century. The son of a former slave and an indigenous Creek woman, Bullard fled home at the age of 11 to escape the racial hostility of his Georgia community. When his journey led him to Europe, he garnered worldwide fame as a boxer, and later as the first African-American fighter pilot in history.

After the war, Bullard returned to Paris a celebrated hero. But little did he know that the dramatic, globe-spanning arc of his life had just begun.

All Blood Runs Red is the inspiring untold story of an American hero, a thought-provoking chronicle of the 20th century, and a portrait of a man who came from nothing and by his own courage, determination, gumption, intelligence, and luck forged a legendary life.

Author: Phil Keith, Tom Clavin
Narrator: James Shippy
Duration: 8 hours 54 minutes
Released: 19 May 2011
Publisher: Harlequin Audio
Language: English

User Review:

commentary commensurate

While I enjoyed all the information, it was at least 13 sentences too many about other people ie Paul Robeson.