Philip R. Reilly – Orphan

Orphan is about the struggle to save the lives of children who, because of an unlucky roll of the genetic dice, are born with any one of several thousand rare genetic disorders. Many are burdened with diseases that carry mysterious names, some of which you will hear about for the first time in this audiobook, along with compelling stories about the physicians, scientists, and parents who have taken them on.

Orphan is more than a book about disease and research – it gives voice to thousands of people who, all too often, have endured terrible illnesses, bravely faced arduous clinical trials, and (sometimes) known victories, almost always in silence. It recounts extraordinary breakthroughs and hopes for the future. Many of the disorders that will end our lives are in some part genetically influenced. We really are all orphans, and this book is for all of us.

Author: Philip R. Reilly
Narrator: John Wray
Duration: 15 hours 54 minutes
Released: 15 Jun 2011
Publisher: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
Language: English

User Review:

fee smoky

A genuine interpretation of the struggle of clinician scientists to treat their patients quickly and effectively against barriers like strict unnecessary regulations, scientific dogma, and politics. Excellent story detailing how far we have come in cancer research.