Randy Hames – Houston’s Morning Show: The True Story of Hudson & Harrigan

For more than 40 years Mac Hudson and Irv Harrigan launched the workday for millions of Houstonians as the hosts of one of America’s longest-running, most successful comedy morning shows at the legendary and award-winning KILT Radio. The Hudson & Harrigan Show aired continuously from 1967 until 2010, in which time it became a bona fide Houston institution.

Randy Hames (as Irv Harrigan) co-hosted the last 30 years of the show’s run with his on-air partner and life-long friend Fred Olson (Mac Hudson), and together they forged a new format and broke new ground as an early-morning comedy team, with unprecedented tenure and ratings success.

Over the decades, much misinformation has been written and circulated about how the behind-the-microphone title characters changed and the format was modified, so Hames has meticulously researched the show’s history through endless conversations with its principal players. Houston’s Morning Show carefully chronicles the program’s wild and sometimes wacky twists and turns with wit and accuracy, and it pulls back the curtain so listeners can experience for themselves the demands and rewards of anchoring a blockbuster, major-market team show.

From local Texas ownership to CBS, from the fictional Jim Bob Jumpback to Tyrone Tyrone Tyrone, from the original Hudson and Harrigan to the final duo, Hames painstakingly recounts the evolution of one of the most hilarious, iconic and award-winning morning team shows in broadcasting history. A must listen for fans and industry insiders alike, Houston’s Morning Show is a one-of-a-kind, firsthand, fanciful romp through radio’s heyday.

Author: Randy Hames
Narrator: Randy Hames
Duration: 5 hours 54 minutes
Released: 15 May 2011
Publisher: Edgewater Multi Media
Language: English

User Review:

killing amorous

An old friend of millions tells a great story and says goodbye. All Houston and half of Texas should listen. If Louisiana ever gets electricity, they should too.