Ray Bradbury – Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles: A Radio Dramatization

The people of Earth are preparing for war – a war that could potentially destroy the planet. Explorers are sent to Mars to find a new place for humans to colonize. Bradbury’s Mars is a place of hope, dreams, and metaphor – of crystal pillars and fossil seas – where a fine dust settles on the great empty cities of a silently destroyed civilization. It is here the invaders have come to despoil and commercialize, to grow and to learn – first a trickle, then a torrent, rushing from a world with no future toward a promise of tomorrow. The Earthman conquers Mars… and then is conquered by it, lulled by dangerous lies of comfort and familiarity, and enchanted by the lingering glamour of an ancient, mysterious native race.

The Martian Chronicles is presented here as a full-cast audio production with an original music score and thousands of sound effects by the award winning Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air. It marks their fourth collaboration with one of the most celebrated fiction writers of our time: Ray Bradbury.

Author: Ray Bradbury
Narrator: The Colonial Radio Players
Duration: 5 hours 34 minutes
Released: 11 Jul 2006
Publisher: The Colonial Radio Theatre on Brilliance Audio
Language: English

User Review:

prevention exhausted

Jerry Robbins and the Colonial Radio Theater have created the finest audio production bar none of this Bradbury classic. Not to be missed and highly recommend!