Rex Stout – Death of a Dude

The mountain couldn’t come to Wolfe, so the great detective went to the mountain – to Lame Horse, Montana, to be exact. Here a city slicker got a country girl pregnant and then took a bullet in the back. Wolfe’s job is to get an innocent man exonerated of the crime and catch a killer in the process. But when he packs his silk pajamas and heads west, he finds himself embroiled in a case rife with local cynicism, slipshod police work, and unpleasant political ramifications.
Author: Rex Stout
Narrator: Michael Prichard
Duration: 6 hours 15 minutes
Released: 7 Jan 2002
Publisher: Books on Tape
Language: English

User Review:

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And even more rare, he leaves the state of New York.

Another one of those greatest of Archie & Nero books, wherein, The satisfaction is not so much in the solving of the mystery, as in the comeuppance of a jerk cop.

This is a classic example once again, of how the murder mystery is truly a McGuffin, merely to propel the story forward to give some people who need it a slap in the face. But there’s never as satisfying a slap in the face as when Nero Wolfe delivers it.

I typically great performance from Michael Prichard. Here, since other then Archie, Lily Rowan, and Nero Wolfe, we have none of our other usual cast of characters, Michael Prichard gets to perform some interesting local color residing in the state of Montana.

One of the greats among the greatest.

Highest recommendation.