Richard Bonin – Arrows of the Night

In 1958, Ahmad Chalabis wealthy Shiite family was exiled from Iraq after a revolution that ultimately put Saddam Hussein in power. The young Chalabi devoted his life to restoring his family to prominence. His first coup attempt was in 1963 at age 19, while on a school break from MIT. His next was aided by Iranian intelligence. But as the years passed and Saddam stayed in power, Chalabi made an audacious decision: he needed the support of both Iran and its powerful archenemy, the United States.

Drawing on unparalleled access to Chalabi, Bonin traces the exiles ingenious efforts to stoke a desire for Iraqi regime change in the U.S. He narrates Chalabis ill-fated engagement with the CIA and his later focus on neoconservative policy makers who rose to power under George W. Bush. As a result, from day two of the Bush presidency, the push for a new Iraq was on, with the intent to install Ahmad Chalabi as overseer of U.S. interests in the Middle East. The outcome was perhaps the biggest foreign policy disaster in our history and a triumphant end to Chalabis 45-year quest.

Today, as we prepare to withdraw our troops from Iraq, Arrows of the Night is full of shocking revelations about how we got there, including the true story of Chalabis relationship with Iran. With its definitive account of the war, this book irrevocably alters a story we thought we knew.

Author: Richard Bonin
Narrator: Kaleo Griffith
Duration: 12 hours 22 minutes
Released: 11 Jun 2012
Publisher: Random House Audio
Language: English

User Review:

giraffe inexorable

Do you vaguely remember the overthrow of Saddam Hussein? Do you recall the newspapers reporting that one person mislead the Bush administration and manipulated Congress to involved the US in war? Does Ahmad Chalabi ring a bell? Well, most people in the US dont and Richard Bonins Arrows in the Night tells the whole sordid story. This is one page turner no American should miss. Chalabi worked for years to restore his family name and bring regime change to Iraq. He manipulated his way into the halls of American power and got his way. The resulting story does not defy belief, but will scare the socks off of anyone nave about how Washington works. The reading o Kaleo Griffith sings.