Richard J. Evans – The Coming of the Third Reich

There is no story in 20th-century history more important to understand than Hitlers rise to power and the collapse of civilization in Nazi Germany. With The Coming of the Third Reich, Richard Evans, one of the worlds most distinguished historians, has written the definitive account for our time. A masterful synthesis of a vast body of scholarly work integrated with important new research and interpretations, Evanss history restores drama and contingency to the rise to power of Hitler and the Nazis, even as it shows how ready Germany was by the early 1930s for such a takeover to occur. The Coming of the Third Reich is a masterwork of the historians art and the book by which all others on the subject will be judged.
Author: Richard J. Evans
Narrator: Sean Pratt
Duration: 21 hours 11 minutes
Released: 10 Nov 2002
Publisher: Gildan Media, LLC
Language: English

User Review:

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Without excess commentary or moralizing or hindsight judgement, Richard Evans relentlessly describes the descent of Germany into chaos and anarchy and the rise of Hitler and his political movement. He takes time along the way to understand each of the major players who through assertion of will or neglect of responsibility allowed the Third Reich to rise and take control of Germany.

The narration is straightforward, clear and interesting. The prose is so well timed and so accurately paced that the style deserves it own accolades. The content is flawless as well, describing the political and economic realities that crushed Germany and made it ripe soil for a tyrannical government.

Like any good work of history, it attempts to simply understand. And this is a great work of history. I’m reading the rest of the series, I can tell you that!