Rick Cowan, Douglas Century – Takedown

Seldom has the netherworld of the Mafia been revealed with such fascinating detail and sheer suspense. Like the classics of the genre – from The Godfather to The French Connection to Wise Guy – Takedown leads us to the inner ring of a conspiracy of corruption and terror that held New York City in its grip for nearly 50 years.

Rick Cowan was a young NYPD detective in 1992 when he dropped by a Brooklyn waterfront warehouse to investigate a recent firebombing – only one in a string of interviews he considered routine. But what he found there was far from routine, for it would take him on a five-year odyssey and nearly cost him his life. In fact, he had stumbled on the lead of a lifetime – the suspicion that he might unearth the hard evidence police and federal agencies alike had been chasing for decades: the proof of collusion among the mob families to extort billions from the nation’s most influential corporations that call New York their home.

Featuring eccentric, larger-than-life New York characters and an undercover cop on the brink of being discovered – and murdered – at every step, Takedown is a riveting real-life procedural and one of the most important investigative books of its time.

Author: Rick Cowan, Douglas Century
Narrator: Christopher Meloni
Duration: 5 hours 38 minutes
Released: 2 Jan 2011
Publisher: Random House Audio
Language: English

User Review:

florist sneaky

I did not want the book to end. How the author was able to keep his indenity from the Mob and bring down their control of the garbage and recycling industry in New York is an incredible story. The narriator does a great job of drawing the listener into the story that never slows down.
If you enjoy stories about organized crime this is a must.