Robert L. Kuhn – Whats New with Atheism?

Have you ever wondered whats new about New Atheism?

Coined in 2006, the term New Atheism has been used to describe the shared sentiments of prominent 21st-century atheists – perhaps most notably the Four Horsemen and talk-show host Bill Maher. In popular perception, the term has also garnered a negative connotation – implying hostility towards religion at large.

Now, in this series of 14 one-on-one interviews, you have the rare opportunity to listen in on conversations with some of the leading actors in New Atheism, including Anthony A. C. Grayling of New College of the Humanities (London) and Horseman Daniel Clement Dennett III of Tufts University.

Over the course of the interviews, youll evaluate some of the most fundamental questions posed by non-believers: Is religion irrational? Does religion have a propensity to lead to violence? Has science superseded the need for God? In other words, have advances in science simply made belief in God unnecessary by accounting for things that mystified our more primitive ancestors?

On the whole, the interviews are light-hearted and jocular. Your host, Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn, is practiced in the art of playing devils advocate and fostering discussion.

By the end of the series, you will gain insight into all of the usual arguments for and against the existence of God. Discover for yourself how New Atheism has fueled a healthy cultural conversation around belief and non-belief.

Author: Robert L. Kuhn
Narrator: Robert L. Kuhn
Duration: 1 hr and 19 minutes
Released: 19 Dec 2007
Publisher: Learn25
Language: English

User Review:

tutu irreplaceable

If you believe in God, have you ever thought why many scientists and smart people are atheists and do not believe in God?
Professor Robert believes in God. However, I do not. He is serious about God and wants to know why all these smart people do not believe in God. I felt flattered by the fact that I was like one of these smart people he interviewed. I classify myself as a non-believer but I do not classify myself either as an atheist or an agnostic.

Listening to scientists and philosophers arguing about God is thought-provoking.
The course discusses many topics such as the evil dilemma, the relation between God and religions, the pointlessness, randomness, and imperfections of the universe, the relation between violence and religion, the significance and importance of God and religions in our lives, and many other topics.

I love Robert L. Kuhns courses and consider them the best guides to people looking for answers. Roberts series is called closer to the truth and he really seeks the truth. He is a great interviewer who knows how to ask the right questions to the right people. If you liked this course, and I am sure you will if you are interested in these kinds of arguments, I recommend listening to How Vast Is the Cosmos?, Is ESP Real?, and Are Science and Religion at War?.

Thank you, Robert, for this great series!