Robert Needlman MD, Dr. Benjamin Spock MD – Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care, Tenth Edition

From the pediatrician whose advice has shaped parenting practices for more than half a century comes the essential parenting book – fully revised and updated with the latest research and written in clear, accessible prose for parents of all backgrounds.

Generations of parents have relied on the influential bestseller Dr. Spocks Baby and Child Care as the most authoritative and reliable guide for child care. This timeless yet up-to-date edition has been revised and expanded by Dr. Robert Needlman, a top-notch pediatrician who shares Dr. Spocks philosophy and has applied his research in his career.

In this tenth edition, you can gain the latest information on child development from birth through adolescence – including cutting-edge research on topics as crucial as immunizations, screen-time, childhood obesity, environmental health, and more. With a revised glossary of the newest and most common medications and a guide to reliable online resources, this vital handbook will help you become the best parent you can be.

Author: Robert Needlman MD, Dr. Benjamin Spock MD
Narrator: Donna Postel, Robert Needlman MD
Duration: 28 hours 12 minutes
Released: 18 Feb 2010
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Language: English

User Review:

tinting lay

Chapter names not included in app’s track listing – otherwise I’d give it four stars. This is really a reference book so the fact that they didn’t include chapter titles makes it a really inconvenient audiobook. There are 238 tracks in this series — only way to find what you want is by referencing a downloadable PDF…thats insane!? Please update book and add chapter titles to track list in app.