Robin Barnett EdD LCSW, Darren Kavinoky – foreword – Addict in the House

“This is a straightforward, rich resource for anyone who lives with, and loves, an addict.” (Publishers Weekly)

Everyone suffers when theres an addict in the family. Created by an expert in alcohol and drug addiction and recovery, this no-nonsense guide will help you understand the causes of addiction, end enabling behaviors, support your loved ones recovery, and learn how to cope with relapses.

If youre the family member of an addict, you may feel confused, guilty, and scared of doing the wrong thing. And when you dont know how to help, you may find yourself in a codependent role, trying so hard to keep your addicted loved one alive, out of jail, or emotionally appeased that you may actually prevent them from realizing they need help.

Drawing on her own personal experience with her brothers addiction, Addict in the House offers a pragmatic, step-by-step guide to dealing with a loved ones addiction, from accepting the reality of the disease to surviving what may be repeated cycles of recovery and relapse. Youll learn how to encourage your addicted loved one to get help without forcing it and finally find the strength to let go of codependence.

With this revealing and straightforward book, youll have the support you need to take an honest look at how addiction has affected the family, cope with the emotional hurdles of having an addicted family member, create and maintain firm boundaries, and make informed decisions about how to best help your loved one.

Author: Robin Barnett EdD LCSW, Darren Kavinoky – foreword
Narrator: Denice Stradling
Duration: 6 hours 21 minutes
Released: 18 Jun 2011
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
Language: English

User Review:

quip widening

the narrator sounded slightly computerized the times. book has some good points 4 resources. wouldn’t listen to it again.