Roger E. Flax – No Stopping You!

Why do some people succeed tremendously, feel very good about themselves, and simply can’t wait for the next day?

While others have all the desire, smarts, talent, and motivation to greatly succeed, but something’s missing….

To respected corporate leadership guru Dr. Roger Flax, the answer is simple: winning the game of life begins and ends with relationships.

No Stopping You! How to Win the Game of Life gives you the playbook, along with actionable tools to determine what makes people tick and how to win them over; how to establish instant rapport, trust, and credibility; and how to leverage those qualities into outstanding business and personal success, with strong and long-term “win-win” relationships.

Listening to No Stopping You! is like a one-on-one private session with the highly sought-after expert Dr. Flax, who covers how to:

Effectively communicate with impact, power, clarity

Drive towards desired, mutually-beneficial outcomes and results

Persuade, influence, inspire, motivate, and develop all types of people

Read people quickly, and adapt your communication style effectively and appropriately

And make things happen

Flax has lived this dream, winning the game many times over, and has shared his insights and strategies with thousands of people for five decades – in seminars, workshops, international presentations, motivational speeches, and through major media. Now it’s time for you to learn to apply these powerful, innovative insights and tools, firsthand.

This audiobook gives you actionable tools and techniques that you can apply immediately. It’s a hands-on, all-in-one playbook and toolbox that gives you strategies and game plans to accomplish your goals.

When you do, there’s no stopping you! And you’re well on the way to winning the challenging, and very exciting, game of life!

Author: Roger E. Flax
Narrator: Roger E. Flax
Duration: 11 hours 4 minutes
Released: 19 Aug 2005
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Language: English

User Review:

keeper impossible

Not for me. It it geared for the business man or woman wanted to move up. That is not what I was looking for. I was looking for something more uplifting and life changing and challenging for me. A good book for those that want to explore their opportunities for growth in a company.