Rupert Colley – Hitler: History in an Hour

History for busy people. Hitler in an Hour is the concise biography of Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler.Covering Hitlers early life, military service in World War I and eventual rise to power, first as the leader of the Nazi party and then to head of state, Hitler in an Hour covers all the key events the life of the 20th centurys most infamous dictator.

Learn about Hitlers manipulation of politicians and civilians and how, through bullying, diplomacy, charm and lies, he achieved total power and plunged the world into World War II, the bloodiest war in history.Hitler in an Hour goes right up to Hitlers final days inside his bunker as his empire crumbled at the hands of the Allies and the world was changed forever. Love your history? Find out about the world with History in an Hour

Author: Rupert Colley
Narrator: Jonathan Keeble
Duration: 1 hr and 19 minutes
Released: 12 Feb 2002
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Limited
Language: English

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