S. L. McInnis – Framed

How much can you trust your closest friend?

Beth Montgomery seems to have the perfect life: a beautiful house in the hills above Los Angeles, a handsome, ambitious husband, and plans of starting a family. So it doesn’t occur to her to worry when the news breaks of a quadruple homicide across town, a botched drug deal that leaves an undercover officer among the dead. Beth certainly would never think to tie the murders to the sudden reappearance in her life of wild, sexy Cassie Ogilvy, the estranged best friend she hasn’t seen since they were college roommates.

As Cassie confidently settles into Beth’s new life, making herself comfortable not only in Beth’s guestroom but with her husband as well, it becomes increasingly clear that her old friend has a lot to hide. But it isn’t until a shocking late-night phone call, and Cassie’s even more startling disappearance, that Beth begins to understand that her world, as she knew it, is gone forever.

Unfurling over the span of three fraught, heart-pounding days, McInnis’s masterful suspense debut is fast-paced and diabolically unpredictable – a fresh, surprising, and powerfully smart twist on the traditional thriller.

Author: S. L. McInnis
Narrator: Christine Lakin, Ron Butler, Karissa Vacker, Maxwell Hamilton, Kiff VandenHeuvel
Duration: 10 hours 15 minutes
Released: 20 Apr 2002
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Language: English

User Review:

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I listen to 3-4 thrillers a week and this is def top 5 of the last 50. Smart, unexpected, funny, and unputdownable. Definitely worth a credit. loved it!