Sarah E Hill – How the Pill Changes Everything

‘It’s time for all of us to join together to ask science for some new choices and for more information about what happens to us with the choices we have. We shouldn’t have to change who we are to protect ourselves from pregnancy, and we should know enough about how our own bodies work to recognise that this is exactly what we’re doing when we go on the birth control pill.’

Hormonal contraception is something most women will use at some point during their life. But the reach of the pill goes far beyond the small number of targeted effects we take it for. It affects almost every system in our body. Column inches and anecdotal conversations prove there are many questions about the pill and its effects yet until now we have known very little about.

In this trailblazing book expert psychologist Dr Hill reveals the latest science on the pill and how it’s changing women and the world, for better and for worse.

Dr Hill examines cutting-edge research, some of it conducted in her own lab, that shows how the pill affects everything from stress response to autoimmune disorders, mate selection to declining levels of male achievement. Some of her findings are shocking, others will simply verify things you suspected for a long time but figured were all in your head. Dr Hill signals a rallying cry for better science – for too long women have been understudied as research subjects. Their cycles are more complicated, it’s more expensive to do research on them, and scientists are under so much pressure to publish that it’s often easier to just use a largely male testing pool, or one that ignores important factors for women.

How the Pill Changes Everything will open your eyes and put you in a position of power. It provides the latest science so that you can understand the risks, weigh up the costs and make smarter, more informed choices about your health and hormones.

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Author: Sarah E Hill
Narrator: Nan Mcnamara
Duration: 8 hours 53 minutes
Released: 19 Oct 2010
Publisher: Orion Spring
Language: English

User Review:

rearrangement cooling

This book was very useful for me in two of my roles. One as a man and the other in my profession as a Pharmacist. I learned a lot and would recommend it to my colleagues.