Scott Belsky – The Messy Middle

The Messy Middle is the indispensable guide to navigating the volatility of new ventures and leading bold creative projects by Scott Belsky, best-selling author, entrepreneur, chief product officer at Adobe, andproduct advisor to many of today’s top start-ups.

Creating something from nothing is an unpredictable journey. The first mile births a new idea into existence, and the final mile is all about letting go. We love talking about starts and finishes, even though the middle stretch is the most important and often the most ignored and misunderstood.

Broken into three sections with 100-plus insights, this no-nonsense audiobook will help you:

Endure the roller coaster of successes and failures by strengthening your resolve, embracing the long game, and short-circuiting your reward system to get to the finish line.

Optimize whats working so you can improve the way you hire, better manage your team, and meet your customers needs.

Finish strong and avoid the pitfalls many entrepreneurs make so you can overcome resistance, exit gracefully, and continue onto you next creative endeavor with ease.

With insightful interviews from todays leading entrepreneurs, artists, writers, and executives, as well as Belskys own experience working with companies like Airbnb, Pinterest, Uber, and sweetgreen, The Messy Middle will outfit you to find your way through the hardest parts of any bold project or new venture.

Author: Scott Belsky
Narrator: Scott Belsky
Duration: 11 hours 3 minutes
Released: 18 Feb 2010
Publisher: Penguin Audio
Language: English

User Review:

witness busy

Read this in our team’s book club. A pretty nice read that reminds you of many things you most probably know or heard if you have built a product or team or something of that sort. Reassuring that yes like many others you’ll be most excited when you start or when you’ll make it to the last stop, but it’s the middle that’s messy and not endurable by everyone. So, if you’re in the middle of one of those jounries, just keep calm, endure and optimize later!