Sean Adams – The Heap

As intellectually playful as the best of Thomas Pynchon and as sardonically warm as the best of Kurt Vonnegut, The Heap is both a hilarious send-up of life under late capitalism and a moving exploration of the peculiar loneliness of the early 21st century. A masterful and humane gem of a novel. (Shaun Hamill, author of A Cosmology of Monsters)

Blending the piercing humor of Alexandra Kleeman and the jagged satire of Black Mirror, an audacious, eerily prescient debut novel that chronicles the rise and fall of a massive high-rise housing complex, and the lives it affected before – and after – its demise.

Standing nearly 500 stories tall, Los Verticals once bustled with life and excitement. Now this marvel of modern architecture and nontraditional urban planning has collapsed into a pile of rubble known as the Heap.

In exchange for digging gear, a rehabilitated bicycle, and a small living stipend, a vast community of Dig Hands removes debris, trash, and bodies from the buildings mountainous remains, which span 20 acres of unincorporated desert land.

Orville Anders burrows into the bowels of the Heap to find his brother Bernard, the beloved radio DJ of Los Verticals, who is alive and miraculously broadcasting somewhere under the massive rubble.

For months, Orville has lived in a sea of campers that surrounds the Heap, working tirelessly to free Bernard – the only known survivor of the imploded city – whom he speaks to every evening, calling into his radio show.

The brothers conversations are a ratings bonanza, and the stations parent company, Sundial Media, wants to boost its profits by having Orville slyly drop brand names into his nightly talks with Bernard. When Orville refuses, his access to Bernard is suddenly cut off, but strangely, he continues to hear his own voice over the airwaves, casually shilling products as he converses with Bernard.

What follows is an imaginative and darkly hilarious story of conspiracy, revenge, and the strange life and death of Los Verticals that both captures the wonderful weirdness of community and the bonds that tie us together.

Author: Sean Adams
Narrator: David Sadzin, Allyson Ryan, Sarah Naughton, Todd Haberkorn
Duration: 9 hours 27 minutes
Released: 20 Jul 2001
Publisher: HarperAudio
Language: English

User Review:

encouragement mint

Confusing at first, and then fascinating. When the action really starts, it keeps its energy to the very end. Denizens of the tower learn that if they report a problem, the solution is not what they expect, and their lives get worse. But they adjust to it, and isn’t that just the way?