Seth Fletcher – Einstein’s Shadow

Einsteins Shadowfollows a team of elite scientists on a historic mission to take the first picture of a black hole, putting Einsteins theory of relativity to its ultimate test and helping to answer our deepest questions about space, time, the origins of the universe, and the nature of reality.

Photographing a black hole sounds impossible, a contradiction in terms. But Shep Doeleman and a global coalition of scientists are on the cusp of doing just that.

With exclusive access to the team, journalist Seth Fletcher spent five years following Shep and an extraordinary cast of characters as they assembled the Event Horizon Telescope, a virtual radio observatory the size of the Earth. He witnessed their struggles, setbacks, and breakthroughs, and along the way, he explored the latest thinking on the most profound questions about black holes. Do they represent a limit to our ability to understand reality? Or will they reveal the clues that lead to the long-sought theory of everything?

Fletcher transforms astrophysics into something exciting, accessible, and immediate, taking us on an incredible adventure to better understand the complexity of our galaxy, the boundaries of human perception and knowledge, and how the messy human endeavor of science really works.

Weaving a compelling narrative account of human ingenuity with excursions into cutting-edge science,Einsteins Shadowis a tale of great minds on a mission to change the way we understand our universe – and our place in it.

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Author: Seth Fletcher
Narrator: Sean Pratt
Duration: 7 hours 28 minutes
Released: 18 Sep 2010
Publisher: HarperAudio
Language: English

User Review:

butt big-city

a whole book dedicated to a singular task finishes without any conclusions to that task. Went to print prematurely .