Sharon Salzberg – Lovingkindness Meditation

Compassion for others begins by building a foundation of lovingkindness toward ourselves. Sharon Salzberg leads a meditation to help us recognize our own inner suffering with tenderness and awareness, opening us naturally to the ability to love others.

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This session is excerpted from Sharon Salzberg’s book/CD The Force of Kindness.

Author: Sharon Salzberg
Narrator: Sharon Salzberg
Duration: 37 minutes
Released: 15 Sep 2011
Publisher: Sounds True
Language: English

User Review:

meteoroid simplistic

Thank you Sharon! I listen to this almost every day. 🙂 it has 2 meditations. One for yourself that is about 16 minutes and one for sending loving kind ness to others that is about 20 minutes. They are very gentle and I always feel more calm and at ease after listening to them.