Shirley MacLaine – I’m Over All That

At a certain time in life, we all come to realize what is truly important to us and what just doesnt matter. For Shirley MacLaine, that time is now. In this wise, witty, and fearless collection of small observations and big-picture questions, she shares with listeners all those things that she is over dealing with in life, in love, at home, and in the larger world as well as the things she will never get over, no matter how long she lives.

Among the things that Shirley is over: people who repeat themselves (when you didnt care what they said the first time); conservatives and liberals; ill-mannered young people; the poison of celebrity (Why do so many people want to be famous when they see how it can destroy your life?); being polite to boring people (If they wont stop talking, I go into a trance and meditate); getting older in Hollywood (How peaceful it is not to have to look particularly pretty anymore or to wear a size 6).

In the opposite camp, there are some things Shirley will never get over: good lighting (Marlene Dietrich taught me how to light myself); gorgeous costars (The vanity of male actors is an impossible wall to scale); performing live (Yes, it is better than sex); and above all, brave people with curious minds (Fear is the most powerful weapon of mass destruction).

Along the way, she recalls stories of some of the true greats she has knownAlfred Hitchcock, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, the two Jacks (Lemmon and Nicholson)and ruminates on the state of Hollywood past and present. She recollects her relationships and romances with politicians (including two prime ministers), scientists, journalists, and costars.

Shirley MacLaine may be over all that, but this irresistible book ensures that we will never get over her.

Author: Shirley MacLaine
Narrator: Shirley MacLaine
Duration: 5 hours 26 minutes
Released: 11 May 2004
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Language: English

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