Simon Gervais – Hunt Them Down

Herman Melville
Author: Simon Gervais
Narrator: Bon Shaw
Duration: 8 hours 33 minutes
Released: 19 Jan 2001
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Language: English

User Review:

slipper shocked

What a series debut! Im new to Simon Gervais. This was my first read from him and i wasnt disappointed. Mitch Rapp, Dewey Andreas, Court Gentry and Victor the Assassin. Those are my favorite characters in the Military/Assassin action thriller genre! It’s still early, but I can easily see Pierce Hunt joining those ranks. He’s different from them though. While the other guys are all assassins or CIA black ops guys, Hunt is a DEA agent. An ex Army Ranger whose daughter gets kidnapped by one of the most feared drug cartel leaders in the world…wrong move! Nothing motivates a father more than his little girl being in danger and Hunt, even as a DEA and law enforcement officer will do absolutely anything and kill anyone to save his girl!
Mr. Gervais does an excellent job showing you who Hunt is; his strengths, weaknesses, his past mistakes, passions and love for his daughter. He shows that Hunt is a human being and like everyone, he has skeletons in his closet. As an Army 11B OIFIII combat veteran and father of 2 beautiful little girls, i can relate to Hunt and his motivation in so many ways it’s unreal. As expected, since Mr. Gervais was an Infantry officer and federal agent, he does an amazing job with his descriptions of weapons and intense combat situations. Just one brief example; I get very angry when i read a military thriller and the author uses the word clips instead of magazine. Its sloppy writing and sloppy research in my opinion. Well, none of that in here. Mr. Gervais knows his stuff! The combat and tactical situations are top notch! This novel has the feel of Taken mixed with Don Winslow’s Power of the Dog series, yet, Mr. Gervais at the same time makes it his own and unique. What could have been a stale and overused plot and premise was used in a fresh and exciting way. Also, i cant remember an action thriller hitting me so hard emotionally as this one. The brutality and true evil of the world and some human beings is shown in very good detail.
All in all, an outstanding debut of a new action hero that we can relate to. A violent, truthful, accurate novel that will make you want to kick ass but at other times tear up. Happiness to sadness…the emotions are all engaged in this thriller! The next Hunt will be this year and I can’t wait!