Stephan Talty – Empire of Blue Water

He challenged the greatest empire on earth with a ragtag bunch of renegades and brought it to its knees. Empire of the Blue Water is the real story of the pirates of the Caribbean.

Henry Morgan, a 20-year-old Welshman, crossed the Atlantic in 1655, hell-bent on making his fortune. Over the next three decades, his exploits in the Caribbean in the service of the British became legendary. His daring attacks on the mighty Spanish empire on land and at sea determined the fates of kings and queens, and his victories helped shape the destiny of the New World.

Morgan gathered disaffected European sailors and soldiers, hard-bitten adventurers, runaway slaves, and vicious cutthroats, and turned them into the most feared army in the Western Hemisphere. Awash with bloody battles, political intrigues, and a cast of characters more compelling, bizarre, and memorable than any found in a Hollywood swashbuckler, Empire of Blue Waters brilliantly recreates the passions and the violence of the age of exploration and empire.

Author: Stephan Talty
Narrator: John H. Mayer
Duration: 13 hours 26 minutes
Released: 7 Apr 2004
Publisher: Books on Tape
Language: English

User Review:

ox recommended

Great book. I learned not only a lot about Henry Morgan, but also about privateer and pirate origins. If you like European history, this is also a great book and it connects new work and old world issues of the time impressively.