Stephen Fry – Moab Is My Washpot

a) A fatuous, wasted, degenerate and wholly useless existence captured in delicate, lyrical and exquisitely realised prose.

b) Lightly amusing anecdotes and tender reminiscences of the great men and women encountered during a rich, varied and rewarding lifetime, fondly remembered in the tranquil evening of a career of public service.

c) The autobiography of a dizzying life fuelled by the lust for power and the search for ever more degrading downward paths of repulsive sexual adventuring and self-destructive debaucheries: the unrepentant libertine author seeks revenge on his many enemies and tears the lid off the private life of blameless churchmen and librarians.

Fry`s autobiography is all and none of these. Too old to rock and roll, too young to die, the author looks back with bruising frankness at his life so far.

Author: Stephen Fry
Narrator: Stephen Fry
Duration: 11 hours 33 minutes
Released: 10 Jan 2007
Publisher: Random House AudioBooks
Language: English

User Review:

dame halfway

so beautiful. .such English language to die for. loved every minute. Having attended a similar private school s
for girls,I chuckled at Fry’s wonderful escapades.