Stephen Klemich, Mara Klemich – Above the Line

A leadership consultant and neuropsychologist identify the universal habits of the heart and mind – the keys to eliminating behavior patterns that hold us back, unlocking our true potential, and creating our best selves.

Why is it so hard for leaders to coach employees who are struggling? Why do we repeat the mistakes and negative behaviors?

Common wisdom says you always have a choice in how you react or respond. But, as corporate consultant Stephen Klemich and clinical psychologist Mara Klemich contend, until you recognize why you make choices, and how the heart and the brain work together to shape your behavior, you cant change long-ingrained ways and discover your best self.

The Klemichs have developed a model, backed by extensive research and data and paired with character-led personal development, to help you answer the why and eliminate behavior that is “below the line.”

In Above the Line, they argue that that the quality of your life flows from the attitudes of your heart. Wise, compassionate, and practical Above the Line explores the deep, fundamental drivers of human behavior that exist within your heart – the seat of your character. It reveals that all of these behaviors can be explained by four heart-based principles – humility, love, pride, and fear – which influence every facet of our life, for better or worse.

We are all designed for greatness, but so often our best self is pitted against our worst. The pressures of life are pulling our character below the line while our authentic self is drawing us to live above the line. When you fully understand that these four principles are at the root of your behavior, you can begin the journey to become your best self and navigate life more effectively and successfully. Filled with proven strategies, Above the Line will create lasting behavior change and improve your life personally and professionally so you can make a positive impact on the world around you.

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Author: Stephen Klemich, Mara Klemich
Narrator: David Linski
Duration: 8 hours 33 minutes
Released: 20 Jul 2001
Publisher: HarperAudio
Language: English

User Review:

cliche competitive

This was a terrific book. The lessons provide important ways to view what a business is and what it can be. In addition, the author recommends many outside readings that can greatly expand the listener’s learning.
Although the teacher/student approach is a bit quirky, it is very effective.
The only thing this book omits is people management…if you want to read one of the best on managing people, read Andy Grove’s High Output Management.