Stephen Moss – A Guide to British Woodland Birds

Join presenter Brett Westwood and Stephen Moss in this fascinating guide to the songs of our most popular woodland birds, as heard on BBC Radio 4.

Woods and forests are full of birds, and although you might not immediately see them you will certainly hear them. This practical and informative audio guide, recorded in springtime in the Forest of Dean, will help you to recognise the birds you see – and those you only hear – when you’re walking in one of Britain’s beautiful woodlands.

Each of the programmes focuses on a different group of birds, starting with the pretty Nuthatch and the brightly coloured Woodpeckers, small birds and wonderful songbirds like the Black Cap, the Garden Warbler and the elusive Nightingale. Then there are the specialists, who need coniferous planting to thrive – the Siskin, Gold crest, Coal Tit and the more exotic Crossbill. Finally, the big ones, Sparrow hawks, Jays, Jackdaws and Owls.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced birdwatcher, this series will help you to tell the Chiffchaff from the Willow Warbler, the Redstart from the Pied Flycatcher and to enjoy the astonishing variety of bird life in British woodlands.

Author: Stephen Moss
Narrator: Brett Westwood, Stephen Moss
Duration: 1 hr and 3 minutes
Released: 9 Mar 2008
Publisher: BBC Worldwide Ltd
Language: English

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