Steve Lishansky – The Ultimate Sales Revolution: Sell Differently. Change the World

Are you looking for the keys to more successful sales relationships and client conversations that don’t require manipulation, probing, and closing – but produce profoundly more powerful impact and results?

The Ultimate Sales Revolution explains how to reach the highest level of a professional relationship and become an indispensable partner in your client’s success. You attain this exalted level of trust, respect, and differentiation from your competition by ensuring that every client request and activity delivers meaningful results, builds the strongest and most sustainable client relationship, avoids the three sources of miscommunication, and delivers massive value and impact.

Each of the principles in this book transforms your ability to win business, get paid for your value (not your time, effort, or activity), and earn the access, recognition, respect, and rewards reserved for the most successful salespeople and privileged professional services providers. These keys promise to significantly advance your professional enjoyment, your impact, and, most importantly, your results.

Author: Steve Lishansky
Narrator: Steve Lishansky
Duration: 4 hours 40 minutes
Released: 15 Oct 2009
Publisher: Institute For Sales Innovation
Language: English

User Review:

handhold interim

maybe in the future I’ll make an effort to listen to this book again to revamp on the strategies within