Steve Parrish, Nick Harris – Barry

This is the remarkable story of Barry Sheene, the asthmatic, cheeky, Cockney boy who grew up to become a sporting legend. He won the British motorcycling 125cc championship aged just 20 and twice became World Champion in the 500cc class, despite two life-threatening crashes, both of which he overcame with great courage and determination.

In an era when sport and its personalities rarely made it off the back pages of newspapers, Barry Sheene crossed the bridge between sport and celebrity status in a style that only George Best had achieved previously.

Barry is an intimate and revealing account told by three people who knew him better than most. Steve Parrish, fellow bike racer and now BBC commentator; Nick Harris, who followed his career from the early days; and Barry’s widow, Stephanie, who has collaborated fully and written a foreword.

Frank and fascinating, Barry is an exclusive look into the extraordinary life of a charming and complex man who became, quite simply, a 1970s sporting icon.

Author: Steve Parrish, Nick Harris
Narrator: uncredited
Duration: 3 hours 17 minutes
Released: 7 Jan 2008
Publisher: Hachette Audio UK
Language: English

User Review:

slate official

The story was well-written and kept my attention. So overwhelmingly positive! As always, Angel Clark did a spectacular job narrating! Strongly recommended 🙂