Steven Fuller – Sigmund Freud, 1856 – 1939 (Dramatised)

Sigmund Freud will be remembered by most people for the “slip” that bears his name. A few more will associate him with dreams that have a meaning: usually of a sexual nature and filled with symbolism – particularly the phallic symbolism beloved by advertisers.

In fact, Freud’s work fills 24 volumes and ranges over topics from the anatomy of the brain to the structure of primitive tribes. However, the most far-reaching of Freud’s contributions is arguably that of psychoanalysis. He developed it, claimed to have made staggering discoveries with it, and used these discoveries to propose theories about human behaviour that are still the subject of heated debate.

Author: Steven Fuller
Narrator: Clifford Rose, David Graham, Gary Hope
Duration: 1 hr
Released: 8 Nov 2003
Publisher: Ivan and Inge Berg
Language: English

User Review:

barkeep unobtrusive

To borrow a favorite phrase from baseball announcers, this reader was reading as if he were double parked. I got absolutely nothing memorable from the book. I got the idea that there were many facts and opinions expressed, but I would be hard pressed to recall any. Too bad!