Steven James – The Queen

With this fifth pulse-pounding entry in his Christy Award-winning series, best-selling author Steven James explores the rippling effects of lifes everyday choices. While investigating a double homicide in an isolated Wisconsin town, Special Agent Patrick Bowers uncovers a high-tech conspiracy that twists through long-buried Cold War secrets and targets present-day tensions in the Middle East.
Author: Steven James
Narrator: Richard Ferrone
Duration: 15 hours 59 minutes
Released: 11 Jan 2009
Publisher: Recorded Books
Language: English

User Review:

significance scraping

Even though this is book #5 in the series, this is my second book in the series and second by the author. I enjoyed the first one, “The Bishop”, but I wasn’t overwhelmed with excitement. So, I chose the book in the series that was highest rated, this one. In the crime/spy action thriller genre the authors must try hard to differentiate their stories from all of the others. This author does it in a different way than most. At the beginning of the book it says the book is recorded by Recorded Book Inspirational so you think there must be some goody two shoes overtones in the story and I’m OK with that. But, for instance, the crimes are heinous and the violence gruesome in this series. Then I don’t know that I really understand why the author involves his senior in high school step daughter in the investigation the way he does as in real life I can’t believe an FBI agent would or could in any way, shape or form involve a family member the way Tessa gets involved. It almost seems hokey. But, maybe that’s where the inspirational part comes into the story as the author uses the daughter and her life events to pontificate somewhat on life and right versus wrong. But this was an easy story to listen to, to stick with. I mostly want to be entertained when I listen to a book and this was definitely entertaining.