Steven Kotler – Mapping Cloud Nine

What are the upper limits of human potential?

At the intersection of flow states, mystical experiences, peak performance, and psychedelics lies a mysterious space of possibility. In Mapping Cloud Nine, best-selling author and award-winning journalist Steven Kotler takes us on a heady thrill ride through the history of human potential – and how what weve learned so far might unlock even greater levels of creativity, performance, and meaning in our lives.

From Nietzsche to now – a tour of human consciousness

In this six-part audio program, Kotler bridges science and spirituality to explore how our understanding of peak experiences has evolved over time – from early inquiries into altered and mystical states; to the birth of positive psychology and research on high performers; to pioneering studies on meditation and near-death experiences; and into current explorations of psychedelics, flow states, and technological breakthroughs.

A brilliant synthesizer and gifted storyteller, Kotler paints a compelling portrait of our greatest human potential, inspiring us to leverage this growing body of research and step into new realms of possibility.


The evolutionary impulse for altered states of mind – psychedelics throughout time

The neurobiology of flow states, mystical experiences, and hallucinations

The spiritual path and the high-performance path – are they one and the same?

Altered states lead to altered traits – the next wave of consciousness hacking

Why bridging the gap between science and spirituality leads to even greater breakthroughs

How you can leverage flow states for a more meaningful – and interesting – life

Author: Steven Kotler
Narrator: Steven Kotler
Duration: 6 hours 29 minutes
Released: 19 May 2011
Publisher: Sounds True
Language: English

User Review:

addiction masterful

I really had high hopes for this book but it is terrible! The author should also not be doing this in his own (extremely annoying) voice. Sorry, but I just can’t sit through this. The information is so jumbled that, for me, no points hit home at all. I just cannot listen to this anymore.