Steven Zaloga – Smashing Hitler’s Panzers

In his riveting new book, Steven Zaloga describes how American foot soldiers faced down Hitler’s elite armored spearhead – the Hitler Youth Panzer Division – in the snowy Ardennes forest during one of World War II’s biggest battles, the Battle of the Bulge.

The Hitler Youth division was assigned the mission of the Fhrer’s Ardennes offensive: Capture the main highway to the primary objective, Antwerp, whose seizure Hitler believed would end the war. Had the Germans taken the Belgian port, it would have cut off the Americans from the British and perhaps led to a second, more devastating Dunkirk. In Zaloga’s careful reconstruction, a succession of American infantry units – the 99th Division, the 2nd Division, and the 1st Division (the famous Big Red One) – fought a series of battles that denied Hitler the best roads to Antwerp and doomed his offensive. American G.I.s – some of them seeing combat for the very first time – had stymied Hitler’s panzers and grand plans.

Author: Steven Zaloga
Narrator: Paul Brion
Duration: 9 hours 21 minutes
Released: 18 Jan 2011
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Language: English

User Review:

swinger fascist

I’ve read a couple of other books about Battle of the Bulge and this one is different in that it focuses on the northern sector and also is detailed about fighting for specific towns and crossroads. I like hearing specifics about how bazooka teams were dispatching tanks and artillery interdicting a crossroads to great effect. For me this helps to demystify what went on in the day to day fighting.

The narration isn’t great. The main distraction is pronunciation of very common terms with foreign accent/variant of the word. For example, he pronounces Bastogne in a French way but clumsily so its annoying. Grenadier is the most annoying though since its so common. He pronounces it Gren-ah-di-aire and after so quick investigation, the German pronunciation is what I’ve been accustomed too. So I have no idea why he is butchering this word. Also, spelling out Pzkfpw IV is annoying but perhaps we can fault the author if he spelled it out that way each time instead of just letting it be Panzer IV.