Sunil Mundra, Dr. Linda Rising – foreword, Guo Xiao – foreword – Enterprise Agility

The biggest challenge enterprises face today is dealing with fast-paced change in all spheres of business. Enterprise Agility shows how an enterprise can address this challenge head on and thrive in the dynamic environment.

Agility is a fundamental shift in thinking about how enterprises work to effectively deal with disruptive changes in the business environment. The core belief underlying agility is that enterprises are open and living systems. These living systems, also known as complex adaptive systems (CAS), are ideally suited to deal with change very effectively.

Agility is to enterprises what health is to humans. There are some foundational principles that can be broadly applied, but the definition of healthy is very specific to each individual. Enterprise Agility takes a similar approach with regard to agility: It suggests foundational practices to improve the overall health of the body culture, mindset, and leadership and the health of its various organs: people, process, governance, structure, technology, and customers. The book also suggests a practical framework to create a plan to enhance agility.

Author: Sunil Mundra, Dr. Linda Rising – foreword, Guo Xiao – foreword
Narrator: Steven Jay Cohen
Duration: 14 hours 27 minutes
Released: 19 Feb 2007
Publisher: Gildan Media, LLC
Language: English

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