Susan Kaiser Greenland – Mindful Parent, Mindful Child

Bring the power of mindfulness into your familys everyday life.

Mindfulness practice has been shown to enhance our health and quality of life at any age. Its no wonder so many of us want to teach mindfulness to our kids – but how can a busy parent find both the time and the right approach? The surest way to raise a mindful child is to be a mindful parent, teaches Susan Greenland. With Mindful Parent, Mindful Child, this expert teacher presents an audio journey created to help families discover the life-changing power of mindfulness together – in just 10 minutes a day.

Practices to make mindfulness accessible, natural, and fun.

As a mom and pioneer in developing secular mindfulness programs for children and families, Greenland has learned the best methods to fit mindfulness training into a hectic modern schedule. Here, she presents 30 short practices that teach you the mindful path to becoming more resilient, balanced, compassionate, and joyful in your life – using examples, stories, and techniques you can easily apply within your daily routine and lifestyle. Youll learn how to let go without giving up, be healthy busy instead of crazy busy, find the upside of failure, build confidence like a superhero, and much more.

In a world filled with distractions and media messages that condition us and our kids to be anxious and fearful, mindfulness is a potent antidote. With Mindful Parent, Mindful Child, youll have an invaluable resource for empowering yourself and your whole family with essential skills that will last a lifetime.


The basics of mindfulness: the simple power of being present without judgment or anxiety

Practices for calm: working with your nervous system to undo stress-producing habits and process strong emotions

Your worldview: how to approach life with an open heart and a flexible mind

Be here now: why bringing mindful awareness to anything deepens your experience

Be good to yourself: release yourself from the stresses of being a parent or a child

Only connect: Practices to promote love, trust, and open communication in your family

Author: Susan Kaiser Greenland
Narrator: Susan Kaiser Greenland
Duration: 5 hours 22 minutes
Released: 19 Jul 2005
Publisher: Sounds True
Language: English

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reliance athletic

I am so grateful to have found this book. A must for busy, stressed parents