Susan Shumsky – Third Eye Meditations

Open the doorway to infinite consciousness through meditation, visualization, and affirmation.

Shumsky has been there. Thats what makes her a great teacher. –Larry Dossey, bestselling author of Healing Words

Meditation has become more popular than ever. Though millions practice it, many are not getting the relaxing, healing, spiritually uplifting experiences or positive effects they desire. Third Eye Meditations is different. It offers effortless, joyful ways to enjoy profoundly uplifting results without previous training, skill, talent, or practice.

What is guided meditation? Its a way to be led step by step, moment by moment, through the process. Just hearing the words will take you into deep meditation and awaken higher aspects of your being.

Third Eye Meditations can help you:

Open your third eye and supersensory perception.

Discover who you really are and fulfill your true purpose.

Experience higher states of consciousness.

Enjoy deep relaxation and contentment.

Improve your relationships, health, and success.

Bring greater planetary balance and world peace.

The third eye is the eye of illumination. Practicing the meditations in this book can fill your body, mind, and spirit with light, love, and wisdom. You can ask for and receive divine inspiration, healing, creative ideas, clear intuition, and inner guidance – at will – and you can develop your spiritual self.

Author: Susan Shumsky
Narrator: Joyce Bean
Duration: 5 hours 26 minutes
Released: 20 Jan 2001
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Language: English

User Review:

pee pushy

This is a review of the recorded version only. I mean no disrespect to the author or her content.

like many I live a very scheduled life. I heard the author in an interview say that you could buy the audio book and listen to the meditations. This was going to save me the time and hurdle of recording the meditations myself. unfortunately the woman who records this book does not follow the meditation instructions. she does not leave enough time for you to repeat affirmations. she does not leave the recommended time gaps for exploration. she does not talk in a slow soothing voice. She literally just reads the meditation like it is another paragraph in the book. basically this audio version is worthless. i felt myself feeling frustrated rather than relaxed. If I cared to proceed I would need to pay to order a written version (after already purchasing this audio version) so that I could record the meditations according to the instructions.