Susie Bright – 692: Dirty Water? No Problem. Dirty Sex? Michigan Won’t Stand for It!

[Contains explicit content] Susie asks why Michigan babies are still drinking lead-filled water while state legislators have their hands full passing a new anti-sodomy law. Dirty water okay…dirty sex never!

Meanwhile in Utah, lawmakers are pushing to declare porn a “public health crisis” – First Amendment be damned. Susie can think of another public health emergency that should be higher up on their list.

And finally, it’s “What’s on Audible”. If You Can’t Stand the Heat, by Lawrence Block, narrated by Piper Goodeve, stars a femme fatale with unusually kinky claws.

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Author: Susie Bright
Narrator: Susie Bright
Duration: 25 minutes
Released: 16 Dec 2002
Publisher: In Bed with Susie Bright
Language: English

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