Susie Bright, Ian Kerner – Susie Bright Interviews Ian Kerner, Author of “Be Honest – You’re Not That Into Him Either”

Susie Bright, long-time host of Audible’s own In Bed with Susie Bright, talks with Ian Kerner, the best-selling author of Be Honest – You’re Not That Into Him Either and She Comes First. With years of personal and clinical experience between them, Susie and Ian talk about the sexual dilemmas facing women and men these days – everything from dating, marriage, porn, body image, and much, much more. If you are seeking frank talk about modern-day sex and romance, you’ll get an earful in this lively debate.
Author: Susie Bright, Ian Kerner
Narrator: Susie Bright
Duration: 28 minutes
Released: 5 Oct 2002
Publisher: Audible Studios
Language: English

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upbringing balanced

You’ll get to realize that things are just as normal when you hear this interview 🙂