Sylvia Barbara Soberton – Great Ladies

There has been a great deal written about Tudor queens, but less so about those women who surrounded the throne, who may have held even more power and influence than those who actually wore the golden crown.

Some ladies who served at the Tudor court are only faceless silhouettes lost to the sands of time, but there are those who dedicated their lives to please their royal mistresses and left documentation, allowing us to piece their life stories together and link them to the stories of Tudor queens. These female attendants saw their queens and princesses up close and often used their intimate bonds to their own benefit. Some were beloved, others hated.

This is the story of the ladies of the Tudor court like you’ve never heard it before.

Author: Sylvia Barbara Soberton
Narrator: Elizabeth Jasicki
Duration: 6 hours 58 minutes
Released: 19 Dec 2002
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Language: English

User Review:

summation rueful

this book is not for anyone who has already read a lot about the Tudors. There is a lot of time spent on reviewing well known events and facts and giving a sketchy outline of not very interesting occurrences, if you’re already well read on this period.

also there are excursions off into sidelines there are not particularly interesting. Actual information on the ladies-in-waiting is extremely sparse considering that is purportly the point of this book. So it becomes just another book about the same old story of the tutor years that has been told time and time again.

For one example the reign of Mary tudor is covered in very little detail in terms of her obstetrical difficulties which one would think would be an area where the ladies in waiting would have more influence and be more documented. in fact I have read quite extensive writings with details about her various pseudo pregnancies in other books which were not covered in this book.

So if you know nothing about this period you might enjoy this book however if you are a tutor afficianado I would give it a pass