Taylor Pearson – The End of Jobs

The rapid development of technology and globalization has changed the leverage points in accumulating wealth: money, meaning and freedom.

Those that don’t adapt are becoming trapped in the downward spiral of a dying middle class – working harder and earning less.

Entrepreneurs that understand the new paradigm have created unprecedented wealth in their lives and the lives of those they love.

Author: Taylor Pearson
Narrator: Taylor Pearson
Duration: 5 hours 10 minutes
Released: 15 Sep 2011
Publisher: Taylor Pearson
Language: English

User Review:

palladium well-heeled

The End of Jobs by Taylor Pearson, brings to light the risks of staying the course of the status quo, when it comes to traditional jobs, while encouraging less is more when it comes to true freedom and fulfillment. As always, one will find some bones to spit out, but there was plenty of meat for actionable thought nourishment.