Ted Seides – So You Want to Start a Hedge Fund

So You Want to Start a Hedge Fund provides critical lessons and thoughtful insights to those trying to decipher the industry, as well as those seeking to invest in the next generation of high performers. This audiobook foregoes the sensational, headline-grabbing stories about the few billionaire hedge fund managers to reach the top of the field. Instead, it focuses on the much more common travails of start-ups and small investment firms. The successes and failures of a talented group of competitive managers show what it takes for managers and allocators to succeed. These accounts include lessons on funding, team development, strategy, performance, and allocation.

The hedge fund industry is concentrated in the largest funds, and the big funds are getting bigger. In time, some of these funds will not survive their founders and large sums will get reallocated to a broader selection of different managers. This practical guide outlines the allocation process for fledgling funds, and demonstrates how allocators can avoid pitfalls in their investments. So You Want to Start a Hedge Fund also shows you how to: develop a sound strategy and raise the money you need, gain a real-world perspective about how allocators think and act, structure your team and investment process for success, and recognize the patterns of successful start-ups.

Author: Ted Seides
Narrator: Steven Jay Cohen
Duration: 4 hours 29 minutes
Released: 19 Dec 2011
Publisher: Gildan Media
Language: English

User Review:

tweed unmoved

Dont buy this audiobook. Its absolute rubbish. Its not a summary of the book at all but merely a brief overview on the mans life. Ive read the full book and its full of gems of wisdom and knowledge from the man himself. This sad excuse for a summary has none of that. Literally a man reading from a Wikipedia page about John Paul Getty. Absolute rubbish. A scam and a poorly produced one at that. Dont waste your time