Teresa Driscoll – I Will Make You Pay

Every Wednesday, like clockwork, the terror returns.

It seems like an ordinary Wednesday, until the phone rings. A mysterious caller with a chilling threat. Journalist Alice Henderson hangs up, ready to dismiss it as a hoax against the newspaper. But the next Wednesday, the stalker makes another move – and it becomes clear that this is all about Alice.

Someone wants her to suffer, but for what? Her articles have made her a popular local champion – could it be her past rather than her work thats put her life in danger? Alice is determined not to give in to fear, but with the police investigation at a dead end, her boyfriend insists on hiring private investigator Matthew Hill.

With every passing Wednesday the warnings escalate, until its not only Alice but also her family in the stalkers sights. As her tormentor closes in, can Alice uncover what shes being punished for before the terrifying threats become an unthinkable reality?

Author: Teresa Driscoll
Narrator: Steve West, Elizabeth Knowelden
Duration: 9 hours 23 minutes
Released: 19 Oct 2010
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Language: English

User Review:

gable covered

This writer knows how to make seemingly non threatenin objects, like a spring of peonies, layer like silt till apprehension turns to self doubting terror. Great twists. Bravo